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From 107€ (without IVA/VAT)

The ONLINE NEIGHBOURS PACK is basically for finding out where you are online, where your competitors are and what points you have in common and which ones differentiate you.

By getting to know your competitors, the changes they make and their online strategies, you will have information for your company, should you continue as you were until now, or would it be advisable to improve some aspects of your website?

In an online environment, where customer contact is less, everything that distinguishes you from poor practices and brings you closer to your customers, will result in an improvement of your online brand and will provide you with greater competitive advantage.

The results are shown in a detailed report, which will provide the answers to this series of questions:

  • What are the basic features of your competitor’s websites?
  • What features are being emphasized by your competitors on their websites?
  • What are the strengths of your competitor’s websites?
  • What points could your competitors improve on their websites?
  • Do you know if your competitors are on social networks? Does it work for them?
  • Whose website is the most impressive, yours or your competitors?
  • Is the audience who seek out your online competitors the same as yours?

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Also available in : Portuguese

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