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What is IT-Training?

IT-Training develops skills for new technologies through hyper-personalised training, focused on the needs of those attending the training course.

At heptagono.com IT-Trainers capable of doing so, with great experience, empathy, sense of humour and up to date on the latest trends. They are the ones who ensure the training is a success, by adapting the training courses to the different levels and needs of the students.

What better way to personalize training efficiency and quality, than by prioritising it in accordance with the needs and casuistry of those attending?

To this effect, we do not provide training by content but by content and by the most appropriate IT-Trainer.

How is it perceived by those attending the training with IT-Trainers?

In common training, so standardized, it is difficult to find innovative training courses. In general, there is usually a rigid agenda that must be met and in which the role of trainer and trainees’ expectations are often relegated to the background. The main thing is the syllabus and not the human elements.

Attendees will notice the difference with an IT-Trainer, as the training is adapted to your needs, working with your files, resolving your queries … and nor does it involve an increase in cost compared to other courses on the market..

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Also available in : Spanish, Portuguese

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