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Web Design Training

Web Design Training
To follow we offer you a list of all the Web Design training courses with IT-Trainer available at heptagono.com. For more information, please send us the code of the course you are interested in through our contact form or request for quotation form.

Adobe CS3, CS4 and CS5 Training:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver Course (Code: DIS701)
  • Adobe Fireworks Course (Code: DIS702)
  • Adobe Flash Course (Code: DIS703)
  • Adobe Illustrator Course (Code: DIS704)
  • Adobe Photoshop Course (Code: DIS705)

HTML Training

  • HTML Code Course (Code: DIS706)
  • CSS Course o Style Sheets in Cascade (Code: DIS707)
  • Design your website in a few steps (Code: DIS708)

Training for Graphic Designers, Advertising Specialists and Specialists in Graphic Arts

  • Web Design course for specialists Basic Level (Code: DIS709)
  • Web Design course for specialists Intermediate Level (Code: DIS710)
  • Web Design course for specialists Advanced Level (Code: DIS711)
  • Flash course for specialists (Code: DIS712)
  • Dreamweaver course for specialists (Code: DIS713)
  • Fireworks course for specialists (Code: DIS714)
  • WordPress course for specialists (Code: DIS715)

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