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Professional Efficiency Training

Professional Efficiency Training

To follow is a list of all Professional Efficiency IT-Trainer courses available at heptagono.com. For more information, please send the code of course you are interested using our contact form or request for quotation.

Excel Automation Course for Financial Reports (Expert Excel) (Code: EFP701)

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  • You need to produce different monthly financial reports in Excel?
  • Do you often spend a lot of time checking the validity of the information before sending?
  • Do you work with a large number of Excel files, with significant information on each of them?
  • Need to streamline your processes in Excel and reduce time spent on these routine tasks?
  • Would you like to know the advanced tools that Excel offers for this?

Given the short time usually available in a working day, it is difficult to invest time in analyzing or automating tasks. It doesn’t help that there is not much information available online about improvements in relation to financial matters. Typically, advanced Excel courses often do not cover improvements and automation of financial matters. These reports involve a lot of data from many sources, often from different people and they require total accuracy.

With the Excel Automation for Financial Reports” course you will:

  • Simplify your files, ensuring they are optimally structured
  • Learn the most interesting functions for handling massive data
  • Discover how with the VBA code for Excel (Visual Basic For Excel Applications), you can automate routine tasks
  • Reduce time spent on the operational side in Excel, to order to invest it in the analysis of same

Summary of the course:

  • Optimal structure for multiple files in Excel
  • Functions for handling massive data
  • Tips to avoid repetition of tasks in Excel
  • Automation with VBA  for Excel (Visual Basic for Excel Applications)
  • Case Study

Estimated duration:

16 hours (both morning and afternoon or various afternoons).

Profile of the IT-Trainer:

Graduate in Economics, his extensive curriculum and experience in performing closures, studies and analyses in Excel, together with his extensive IT expertise, form the basis of this course, created by him and delivered exclusively for heptagono.com. His agility in adapting the contents to the needs of the attendees, along with his extraordinary ability to communicate, create working environments in which creativity and transformation are the order of the day.

Course of interest to:

  • Finance Department
  • Control Department
  • Planning and Tracking Department
  • Audit Department
  • Technicians
  • Consultants
  • Specialists in financial analyses
  • etc.

Competitive Intelligence Course – Base your strategy on a good analysis (Code: EFP702)

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  • Do you know how to navigate and find information truly relevant to the strategic decisions of your company?
  • Do you want to research what competitors are doing and know the latest trends?
  • Want to learn how to manage online tools to analyze or monitor a specific topic?
  • Do you want to analyze all available information before making your purchase decision?

Not everything can be found on Google. The Internet provides a lot of very useful information, but often due to lack of time on a daily basis or scant practice, it does not tend to be used as a source of information for your company.

With the course entitled “Competitive Intelligence – Base your strategy on a good analysis”, you achieve:

  • To facilitate and simplify the search and analysis of information on the Internet in order to obtain key information for your company
  • To provide practical expertise, processes and tips to identify the sources relating to your specific information needs
  • Learning how to select the most appropriate and efficient sources
  • Introduce, learn and discover various user-friendly tools for the automation of routine tasks essential for obtaining efficient analysis on the Internet

Summary of the course:

  • Analysis methodology of Competitive Intelligence
  • Competitive Intelligence Software
  • Case Study

Estimated duration:

8 hours (morning and afternoon)

Profile of IT-Trainer:

A Senior Software Engineer, his extensive curriculum in the business world and IT expertise are the cornerstones from which his extraordinary capacity for analysis and innovative suggestions stem. If to all this we add his captivating personality and friendly manner, the training course becomes an exercise in learning with nothing superfluous, an amenable and eminently practical course for the attendee.

A course of interest to:

  •  Management
  • Department of Control
  • Department of Planning
  • Marketing Department
  • Purchasing Department
  • Technicians
  • Specialists
  • etc.

Course for the Automation of processes with Access and Excel (Code: EFP703)

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  • Do you have an advanced level of Excel and are looking for a course in order to learn Access?
  • Do you have multiple tasks or reports in Excel with the same format which you have to produce on a regular basis?
  • Would you like to know how Access can improve your work in Excel?
  • Do your Excel processes include a large number of files to import and / or export?
  • Do you work with large amounts of data in Excel and need to adapt your processes to Access?

The working routine and the daily burden of tasks make it difficult to have enough time to go beyond and try other ways of optimizing our processes. And browsing the Internet for help does not tend to be relevant to moving from Excel to Access, as you need to see the whole picture and determine how Excel is more powerful and what processes are easily automated in Access.

With the “Automation of processes with Access and Excel” course, created exclusively by heptagono.com we achieve:

  • Understand the ways in which Excel is powerful and identify processes to be dealt with using Access
  • Streamline internal processes: computations, updates, delivery reports, etc..
  • Provide guidelines to decide how to create your database: what is important and what is not
  • Conduct developments in Access which are easily modified by users with little experience
  • Reduce time spent on operations

Summary of the course:

  • Difference between Excel and Access processes
  • Analysis of Excel and Access processes
  • Creation of elements in Access and relation between them
  • Automation with VBA for Access
  • Case study

Estimated duration:

16 hours (morning and afternoons or various afternoons).

Profile of the IT-Trainer:

Senior Industrial Engineer, with extensive experience in automation and the transfer of reports between both tools together with his business-oriented approach, are key to ensuring that during the course processes for the user take precedence over IT developments. His insightful analyses and knowledge of Excel and Access, along with his ability to reject invalid solutions, make this training course highly effective.

Course of interest to:

  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Consultants
  • Specialists
  • etc.

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