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Internet and Web 2.0 Training

Internet and Web 2.0 Training

To follow we offer you a list of all the Internet and Web 2.0 training courses with IT-Trainer available at heptagono.com. For more information, please send us the code of the course you are interested in through our contact form or request for quotation form.

Internet Training

  • Lose your fear of the Internet course (Code: INT701)
  • Get the most out of the Internet course Intermediate Level (Code: INT702)
  • Get the most out of the Internet course Advanced Level (Code: INT703)
  • Skype course (Code: INT704)
  • Gmail and Gtalk Course (Code: INT705)
  • Creation and Administration of Google sites course (Code: INT706)

Blogs Training

  • Creation, Administration and Management of Blogs course: WordPress.com (Code: INT707)
  • Creation of Blogs course in Blogspot (Code: INT708)
  • Optimization of Blogs in WordPress.com (Code: INT709)

Content Managers(CMS) Training

  • WordPress Administration and Management course own hosting (Code: INT710)
  • Drupal Administration and Management Course (Code: INT711)
  • Joomla Administration and Management Course (Code: INT712)
  • Concrete5 Administration and Management Course (Code: INT713)
  • Google Analytics Course (Code: INT714)

Online Learning Training

  • Moodle Basic Level course (Code: INT715)
  • Moodle Intermediate Level course (Code: INT716)
  • Moodle Advanced Level course (Code: INT717)
  • Creation and administration of wikis course (Code: INT718)

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