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Our Personalised Training Solutions

In addition to Integral Services, we provide Personalised Training Solutions. For example, an administrator can automate your Excel reports with completely different functions and processes t those required by an auditor or analyst. Why use standardized training, when each employee is different and there are trainers who can adapt to each of them during the same training activity?

To this effect, our Training Solutions are aimed at freelancers, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises or individuals wishing to go further with quality training where what matters is WHO teaches the course and that the content is RIGHT, with no dull content.

Who teaches the courses at heptagono.com?

All courses are taught by IT-Trainers or professionals in Systems or IT training, with the ability to adapt the training to the needs and knowledge of their audience. More information on IT-Training.

What are the contents of the courses?

ALL courses are EXCLUSIVE to heptagono.com. Unique content for courses created in response to identified needs and market demand.

How is the training imparted at heptagono.com?

ALL the courses we offer are available in the following modalities:

  • 100% Classroom Training: In-Company or at location to be determined
  • Combined Training: Blended Learning with online and offline materials and content.
  • 100% E-Learning or Distance Learning: 100% online, with personalized classes online. A trainer is assigned for each course who will teach and oversee the development of the online course.

Also available in : Spanish, Portuguese

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