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Collaborate with us

We are looking for collaborators who, as well as being specialists in what they do, do so happily and want to work in an open Company such as ours.

We are a 2.0 company, connected online, fitting teams to projects and to the requirements of each client. The Project Manager for each Project sets daily or weekly delivery guidelines and each collaborator decides his or her own physical space and working time. Once the assigned work has been completed, it is uploaded to the “cloud” or specific space in which information pertaining to each Project is shared. This method of working, which in some companies is called “tele-working”, is our usual way of working. With all the existing IT advances and preferring to go to clients in order to become more familiar with their business, why would be need classic offices?

As well as connecting Personalised Services & Training Solutions for entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME’s, connecting teams. For the most part, we have collaborators in different geographical parts of the same country or different countries.

We know that collaborators who maybe don’t have a lot of experience are motivated to progress further if they work in a positive environment, where they feel secure, and can develop their expertise, knowing that bad practices are not accepted in any member of the team, enjoying total freedom to create and innovate, being able to join other colleagues in a good working environment and happy to receive the agreed price for their work.

We want to meet you, to see what you are like and to include you in the team.

If you are interested, complete the Collaboration Form.

At this time we are looking for programmers and/or developers for the creation of Iphone and Android Mobile applications.

Also available in : Spanish, Portuguese

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