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“Integrating & Improving”


Our Company was conceived with a clear idea: to provide Integral Services and Solutions to entrepreneurs, freelancers and small and medium-sized companies, providing resource integration and excellence services, thereby BOOSTING YOUR BUSINESS

We detected that there was a trend towards specialisation in companies that provide services to entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME’s, increasing their number of negotiators/suppliers:

  • One for your company’s web design
  • One for the layout and printing of your leaflets
  • One for the recording and editing of a corporate video
  • One for the management of your online campaigns
  • One for the design of posters and advertising materials for a trade fair
  • etc.

You know what you need and we know how to help you achieve it


At heptagono.com we integrate different areas with the sole objective of simplifying and improving current processes for entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies. With it all being integrated: your website, video, advertising elements… we achieve a unified and personalised image for your company. Your clients see a coherent line in your image, as everything moves in the same direction and seeks the same objective.

We are an open and dynamic company. We like to have fun with what we do and the people we do it with. We get close to the client and internally we work online, which enables us to select the very best collaborators in various locations around the world. On the map you can see the geographical location of our regular collaborators.

Also available in : Spanish, Portuguese

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Portuguese: (+351) 91 41 91 859
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