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Optimization of the speed and performance of your website

Optimization of the speed and performance of your website

  • How are the load times of your website?
  • Does it take long to load and would you like to reduce these load times?
  • Would you like to add a video, plugin or development and first want to know whether it will slow down your website a lot?

The speed and performance of your website are vital, not only with regard to visitors but in relation to search engine rankings. On the one hand, a typical user increasingly browses the Internet, has more experience and instead of reading, scans quickly and visually to determine whether he or she is interested in the website they are visiting. And that includes low tolerance for pages that are slow to load. On the other hand, search engines are also susceptible to slow loading times, and therefore do not position a website that is slow to load in the same manner.

In addition to load times, the performance of the website/page and the speed of information exchange are critical.

Code Optimization

Whether you use CSS, HTML or Javascript, W3C validation is used together with CSS and JavaScript optimization to ensure that the website consults the database less frequently, without losing any functionality.

Optimization of load times for Blogs

The installation of lots of plugins or widgets on your blog can slow it down. At heptagono.com we have carried out tests with several plugins and have established a list of those that significantly slow down your website or which come into conflict with others you may have installed.

Optimization with AJAX

YUI, Google Widgets and jQuery Elements are just a few examples of the asynchronous controls we use to reduce the number of page reloads.

Dynamic SQL

We also develop clean and direct server-side code, facilitating the data to your clients in the quickest manner possible with dynamic SQL.

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