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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEO positioning or search engine optimization , optimization is the practice of building, organising and optimizing the variables of your website so that search engines such as Google may position your website further up the results for a specific word or phrase, creating traffic that is relevant to your company and building better brand image.

Optimizing websites for search engines requires an expert who not only changes a few metatags or randomly inserts keywords. Each industry – even every search term – requires careful analysis because each particular search phrase works differently depending on the environment or industry.

Our SEO strategy consists of comprehensive analysis upon the basis of which we design SEO campaigns that effectively connect companies with the target audience they want to attract, without the intervention of search engine advertising. Only by changing the internal structure of your website and other elements will help your website rise in the positions of major search engines.

How does your website perform on search engines?

The algorithms of search engines, like Google, are extremely complex. They combine hundreds of variables every minute to calculate and establish a priority order for all websites containing that keyword or string of words.

At heptagono.com we operate in reverse. First we review and restructure the structure and code of your website to ensure it is optimal and accessible to your target audience. We then examine the volume of searches and trends to identify the most common searches performed by your target audience.

By way of examples of the services we provide within the SEO field:

  • Keywords: Analysis of key words that can direct more quality traffic to your website.
  • Access to your web pages: We check that all pages are accessible and listed in major search engines
  • Navigation & structure of hyperlinks: We define the paths which ensure that your website appears in search queries, ensuring that your home pages are linked from the best websites.
  • Listings in directories: We research the most interesting directories vis-à-vis positioning your website, be they specific to industry, area, general, etc.. Always of high quality and sequentially performed.
  • Management of backlinks: Analysis of the pages that are linking to you (and quality of those links), analysis of the websites on which your competitors appear, creation of progressive strategy to increase external links. All WITHOUT MASSIVE AUTOMATED REGISTRATIONS, which harm your website.

Always in accordance with our professional commitment and ethics, we create clean SEO optimization campaigns adapted to your budget.

We can do it ourselves or we can give you the instructions so that you can take some steps yourself. We can also prioritize actions to be taken in accordance with a preliminary analysis and start implementing it bit by bit, as and when you want to invest more.

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