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Optimization of Accessibility and Usability

Optimization of Accessibility and UsabilityWebsites cannot not be useful or effective if access to the information, correct visualisation and quick comprehension are all complicated. As user patience decreases in the same measure as their online experience increases, , the key point is to create websites where any visitor can access the content and navigate quickly and intuitively.

Compatibility of Browsers

We ensure that your website is displayed in a uniform manner across all browsers and devices used. With the increasing use of smartphones (iPhone, Android and Blackberry) and tablets, it is advantageous for your website to pass a series of tests to verify its correct display. At heptagono.com we do it for you and we generate reports with images that confirm it.

Análisis de Accesibilidad

But if you want us only to undertake the analysis of your website, comparing it with web standards (eg compliance with WCAG 1.0 or WCAG 2.0 standards), we can also provide this. It is important that any visitor can access your website without problems. Ensuring equal access and opportunity for all visitors (whether disabled or not), sets your company apart. Not all companies understand the Internet is for all visitors. You DO understand it.

Analysis of usability

At heptagono.com we propose the analysis of your website’s usability, so that your clients:

  • Increase their visit times
  • Improve their perception of your company
  • Interact more on your website
  • Achieve the objectives of their visit
  • Your Company achieves its objectives (to be contacted more, for customers to subscribe, to be followed on social networks, etc.)
  • Increase their confidence in your products and services

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