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Web Optimization

Web Optimization
The effective Web Optimization of your website goes beyond Web positioning through SEO optimization. At heptagono.com, we evaluate how to optimise your web presence through the 7 services created specifically for entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME’s, based on objective strategies and measurable and quantifiable results.

Web Positioning or Optimization (SEO)

Web Positioning or Optimization (SEO)Web Positioning, SEO or search engine optimization, consists in optimizing your website for search purposes, with specific actions which maximize the opportunities of your target audience finding you. By being positioned further up the search engine results, you will achieve more potential hits or visits to your website.
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Speed and Performance

Speed and PerformanceBy analysing the speed and performance of your website, we focus on generating and improving a web experience adapted to the user, improving the perception of your website and achieving not only more traffic and visits, but ensuring users undertake a specific action on your website (for example: filling out your contact form, subscribing to your news bulletin, etc.).
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Contents and Style

Contents and StyleGenerating and publishing useful and powerful content is critical to Internet success. At heptagono.com we will help you set the main objectives for the generation of content, optimize keywords that attract more visitors to your web and design a strategy that differentiates it from competitors in your sector.
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Google Analytics

Optimize Google AnalyticsUsing Google Analytics, a free traceability and performance tool offered by Google, we analyze the data in detail to propose changes to improve navigation throughout your website, improve performance, optimize and improve your visitors’ online experiences, etc..
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Accesibility and Usability

Accesibility and UsabilityMaking sure your website is capable of responding to browsers and devices used by all users is key to improving the online experience of visitors to your website.
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Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and TwitterBuilding high quality websites for Facebook is a key step for entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME’s to enhance the online image of your company. If in addition to improving your image on social networks, you integrate the contents of these networks on your website, this will allow updates to their social networks to instantly appear on your website.
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Optimization of Blogs

Optimization of BlogsAt heptagono.com we offer you the chance to optimize your blog at an affordable price. From small changes to enhance or unify its image, to installing and parameterizing plugins, widgets or other complex elements in order to achieve what you want. Always ensuring they are specific actions and improvements that do not alter the rest of your blog.
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