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Web design for entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies

Web designWith so many millions of websites and regular Internet users, do you know how many opportunities you miss out on by not having a website or having one that does not do justice to your company and what it offers?

An internet user who navigates with certain frequency, scans the contents of a website in seconds. As they do not read all the contents, they will be left with the first impression given by your website. If they find what they are looking for and they like it, they will read on. But if the design of the website is confusing or they don’t like the contents, it is rare for them to repeat their visit.

Which websites are the ones that achieve longer, more repeat visits?

Those that create an intuitive and rich experience, capturing the attention of their visitors. At heptagono.com, we design websites that create these intuitive experiences, through rich interfaces, in such a way that they achieve conversions. Or, what is the same thing, that achieve the interaction you are aiming for. We also adapt the contents and the appearance of the website for this same purpose.

Personalised 2.0 web design + Web design with templates?

We create different designs for company websites:

  • HTML 5: The latest in code for the Internet
  • CMS: So that you can change the elements on your website yourself (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.)
  • Basic HTML Design: With templates or personalised design. More suited to websites with static contents.
  • Intranet: the choice of codes depends on the requirements of the client
  • Environments for online applications: ask us for a no obligation quote
  • Minisites: To boost the launch of a new product or range of services (Know more about minisites)
  • etc.
Each client is unique and has different needs and therefore each web design will also be unique in terms of the objectives it seeks to achieve. For example, in the absence of technical expertise, it is easier to significantly change the appearance of your website with CMS than to change HMTL

We are at your disposal to provide you with a no obligation quote and with the very best quality-price ratio.

Also available in : Spanish, Portuguese

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