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Web Audit: Detailed Web Analysis

Web AuditAs we mentioned in the Free Web Analysis section, , the market is changing, especially for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small and medium-sized companies.

It is no longer enough to offer a low price, because there will always be someone to better it at the cost of the quality offered to the client. Consumers increasingly access the Internet to look for information prior to deciding to buy.

They analyze the pages of your website and those of your competitors, they bear in mind your image, comments from previous clients, they read comments on blogs, listen to what their friends recommend on Facebook or comment on Twitter…

At heptagono.com we propose a Web Audit or Detailed Web Analysis especially created for entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME’s. The radical difference lies in that we offer you a service of great quality at a low price, bearing in mind your budget and your other needs in relation to covering priority issues

What does our Web Audit or in-depth Web Analysis consist of?

We audit and analyze all sections of your website:

  • Visual Appearance
  • Web Optimization
  • Web Positioning in major search engines
  • Code
  • Structure
  • SEO errors
  • Incoming links or backlinks
  • etc.

For a detailed list, contact us indicating Web Audit.

What benefits accrue as a result?

  • You establish the strong points of your website and what you should not change in order to keep these areas optimized.
  • Detection of the points or areas to improve in order to optimize results, both in terms of the visual appearance of your website as well as the code, titles or headings, etc.
  • You decide on the sequence and the manner in which to approach said changes.
  • Having a 360º analysis of your website in one go. Contents, Image, Code, Structure, Links, SEO, etc.

Why is the cost reduced?

We have separated out the natural step after the audit, consisting in making the changes detected to optimize your website of the analysis, allowing to lower the costs of the latest.

We will tell you what is optimized, what can be improved and how to do it, and you change it on your account.

Also available in : Spanish, Portuguese

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