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Analysis of the Market and Analysis of the Competition

Analysis of the Market and Analysis of the CompetitionWould you like to launch your website or online campaign now or would you prefer to have quality information about your sector and your competitors upon which to base your decisions?

Unfortunately, in most cases the response to this question is “NOW, it’s not necessary”. True, but according to our experience, it is not very wise to invest large sums of money on the image of your company, web design or advertising without having detailed information about what your sector does and, more specifically, what your competitors are doing.

It is not a case of copying what your competitors are doing, but it is a case of analysing their best practices, being up to date with the trends in your sector… If, for example, they all have online sales, that would be no coincidence, would it?


At heptagono.com we undertake Market Analysis and Competitor Analysis for entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME’s which help to:

  • Provide exhaustive information about your target audience: who they are, what they demand and need.
  • Identify opportunities: look at your competitors to detect what they are investing in, whether you can offer something they don’t have, whether your clients need something that no-one else is providing.
  • Minimize risks: the greater the information, the less chance of investing in the wrong thing and the greater likelihood of success when it comes to making your decisions. This point is vital in online campaigns: without a good prior analysis, success is more difficult to achieve.
  • Identify your potential competitors:
    • Who are they and what type of web presence do they have?
    • What social networks are they on, have they created powerful communities?
    • How do they differ each from the other?
    • What are the key factors that determine the success of a competitor in your sector?
    • What products or services compete with yours? How are they promoted?
  • Discover your competitive advantage: the reason why clients would do business with you instead of with your competitors.

If you want to start with the foundations, request a no obligation quote for an analysis of the market and your competitors.

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