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Analysis of website statistics and traffic

Analysis of website statistics and trafficBoost your online marketing decisions with detailed reports and analyzes

You have at your disposal a lot of information about traffic entering your website, navigation paths within your site, demographic and technological data pertaining to your users, most viewed pages, etc. At heptagono.com we synthesize to the utmost all available data to ensure you only receive what is relevant or what most interests you.

Establishment of objectives/Setting goals

Tell us the objectives you wish to measure and quantify for your website. We will configure it so that you can undertake long term monitoring.

Analysis of the contents of your website

We analyze your reports in order to analyze where your visitors come from and how they navigate around your contents. The information based on user behaviour is key for your marketing team, as it enables them to direct and supervise the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Analysis with Heatmaps or areas with most clicks

Heatmaps provide data pertaining to the navigation of your visitors. In what part of the home page do they click most? What area goes unnoticed? Through visual graphics you will be able to analyze whether you need to relocate, highlight or delete any element of your website.

Analysis of conversion of visits or hits

We analyze the path of the clicks that lead to the greatest number of conversions and the highest bounce rates (or departures from your website). With this additional information about user behaviour, you will be able to easily optimise your conversions.

Analysis of Departures

We analyze the group of contents which accumulate the highest number of departures of your visitors from your website. By eliminating this path or improving specific contents, you will reduce your loss of visitors.

It is not enough just to prepare a report in Google Analytics

The study of analytics on specific traffic or behavioural metrics are only powerful if they serve to revise strategy and re-planning in relation to the results. At heptagono.com we have extensive expertise pertaining to what metrics, indicators and movements mean on your website and how to filter out important information.

At heptagono.com we focus on the data: only through global monitoring are we able to identify opportunities for your company.

With the web optimization section we offer you Google Analytics optimization, so that you have more data available to you, in a configuration more optimized and personalised to your needs.

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