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Web Analysis

Web Analysis
In Web Analysis we present our 7 services with which to ensure that entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME’s have greater information prior to making decisions for their companies. At heptagono.com we undertake specific or personalised Web analysis, always displaying information in a synthetic manner, to ensure you receive that is most relevant or of most interest to you.

Free Web Analysis

Free Web Analysis In order to receive more information about your website, we offer you our free web analysis for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small and medium-sized companies. Through our evaluation you will be able to detect the areas that require improvements to ensure that the online experience of your website takes a leap forward.
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User Test

User TestAt heptagono.com we analyze, detect and design the interactions that your users or target audience have when they access your website. The greater the awareness of how your users navigate your website, the better its results and effectiveness, by adapting it to the specific requirements of your target audience.
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Web Audit

Web AuditWe audit your website in depth and we provide you with a detailed and clear report with the strong points and the aspects to improve. In addition, we lower the costs, by separating the Web Audit from the implementation of changes. We provide you with the information and you decide on the sequence and the manner in which to adopt said changes.
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Analysis of Market and Competition

Analysis of Market and CompetitionAt heptagono.com we undertake Market Analysis and Competitor Analysis for entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME’s which provide detailed information on your target audience, sector and competitors. By so doing, you will be able to identify opportunities, minimise risks, find out about the best market practices… and thereby position yourself more competitively.
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Online Campaign Analysis

Online Campaign AnalysisWith a good analysis of the results of your online campaign, an entrepreneur, freelancer of SME can analyze the profitability of their online campaign and establish the return on investment, whether the choice of medium was appropriate, whether the configuration could be improved, average purchase figures, etc.
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SWOT Analysis

SWOT AnalysisWith a SWOT analysis performed by heptagono.com, you will have a powerful support guide with which to work on your strategy. You will have more information with which to build your strengths, correct your weak points and protect yourself from internal weaknesses and external threats. The greater the amount of such information, the better foundation from which to make a decision.
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Web Traffic Analysis

Web Traffic AnalysisMake use of all the information pertaining to the traffic reaching your website, the areas of the site which attract most clicks, pages visitors tend to land on, most common navigation routes, where visitors are from, the most interesting contents, the visits that are most interesting to your company, etc.
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