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Social Media Marketing (SMM): Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)As your company gains in online presence, it is important to pay attention to the responses of visitors, to respond and improve the content, defining some objectives for social networks in the long term. This is what is called SMM (Social Media Marketing) or Social Media Marketing.


Having a presence on social media in a participatory manner is a significant investment of your time. You do not need not be on all social networks to create an online presence – just make sure you have a presence where you would be missed

Improve your company’s image

Bring customers to your company through your social networks. Social networks personify companies, allowing you to know who you can reach and what motivates them.


To compete effectively on social networks, the most important thing is to create community, listen and interact so that your company can adapt and improve its products and services.


To measure the effects of social networks, activity and metrics should be implemented at all levels. It is important that we have the volume, location and nature of online interactions to accurately advise on the impact and benefit of your social networks. This requires knowledge about the metrics and key indicators of social networks, in order to obtain a Return on Investment (ROI) from your social networks.

Online Campaign for Facebook:

  • Creation of the campaign, management and optimization
  • Evaluation of costs per contact and conversion (for example, those who click “Like”, write on your wall or contact you…)
  • Possibility of promoting your website on Facebook through adverts on Google
In addition to online campaigns on Facebook, at heptagono.com we also conduct online campaignson Linkedin and Youtube and study the approach and benefit to your company’s presence on other social networks.

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