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SEO Copywriting + Copyediting

SEO Copywriting + CopyeditingMany entrepreneurs, freelancers and SMEs focus the launch of their website more on form than on content. But sitting down and writing quality text that is attractive to your visitors … does not tend to be as easy as it might seem. And to create a website without saying to Google, for example, that the content of your website corresponds to specific search words, removes it from users who ARE looking for those words.

Traffic to your website itself does not derive revenue for you. It is the people who perform a specific action. It is specific traffic to specific pages.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is to describe and emphasize the benefits of a particular product or service, seeking a balance between marketing techniques and search engine positioning. By optimizing the text for search engines, without at any time sacrificing the information you seek to provide to potential customers, you achieve more sales.

At heptagono.com we offer you SEO Copywriting and copyediting: for a small amount more, you can have quality content created by professionals, which conveys what the company is and what it offers the reader, with an attractive approach and good optimization and SEO.

SEO Copywriting is a specialized area because the writer must:

  • Manage to link the reader with the company, creating confidence and conveying veracity
  • Sell the company’s products and/or services
  • Undertake a good analysis of the keywords to be included on each page
  • Write content that is optimized for search engines, containing the keywords in certain places without the text losing consistency

If you have invested heavily in your website and various marketing strategies, it is possible that the integral creation of contents is too drastic a change. For these cases, at heptagono.com we recommend SEO Copyediting. We will analyze the contents of your website and suggest changes to be made in accordance with your optimization strategies.

Without a doubt, optimize, customize and give textual consistency to your website in order to bring visitors to your company.

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