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Online search engine campaigns: Google Adwords – SEA: Search engine advertising

Online search engine campaignsAt heptagono.com we undertake online campaigns on search engines for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small and medium-sized companies. Although we principally work with Google Adwords for online campaigns, we also manage them on Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter.

With our online campaign management service you will have:

  • A preliminary analysis of your sector, in order to establish the idiosyncrasies of same and your target audience.
  • A personalised plan with which to provide a response to measurable and quantifiable objectives, including:
    • Management of the registration or transfer of your account for our management.
    • Analysis of keywords, common searches and optimal selection of keywords.
    • Creation and development of the structure of your campaign.
    • Creation of adverts, selection of location of same, etc.
    • Parameterization and ambit of same, language, seasonality, temporality, etc.
  • Development of specific pages for your online campaign. It is important that the page that reaches the visitor is powerful and correctly optimized.
  • Quantifiable results: delivery of fortnightly, monthly information or in accordance with your needs.
  • Monitoring and optimization of the online campaign as it evolves.
  • Monthly meetings to check evolution and establish new steps.

Whether you are looking to make yourselves known, improve your business image, increase sales or specific actions (eg launch a line of products or services, increase the number of readers to your blog, etc..), we help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.

And all on the basis of our commitment. A 100% GUARANTEE

Furthermore, at heptagono.com we assure entrepreneurs, freelancers and SMEs that:

  • You own all campaign data
  • Protected access to the management platform so that you can check the evolution of same at any time and from any location.
  • Option to stop the campaign at any time you wish and re-start it whenever you deem it opportune to do so
  • Campaign management prices adapted to your needs

Based on our commitment we do not artificially alter the results of your online campaigns. This is NOT how we work.

Your visits and results are what they are and your campaign manager is responsible for monitoring them, and suggesting improvements to increase and improve the results. This IS how we work

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