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Online and Offline Marketing

Online and Offline Marketing
An Online and Offline marketing Strategy specific for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses is key for several reasons:

On the one hand, a good analysis is essential given your tight budget. Investment must be prioritised according to expected return and the cost of each action.


On the other hand, it is advisable to sequence the actions and monitor the profits, to avoid wasting money on something that should supposedly work well but is not providing as much profit as anticipated.

At heptagono.com we offer full information to our customers and guarantee accountability and responsibility in relation to the proposals, along with our commitment.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing StrategyAt heptagono.com we analyze your company, your sector, your target audience, your competitors and all other key aspects in order to define your marketing strategy. Depending on your sector and target audience, your marketing strategy can be focused online, offline or a mix of investment in both.
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SEM – Search Engine Marketing

SEM - Search Engine MarketingIn this service, we focus on analyzing and studying the best combination with which to optimize your website and / or paid advertising in order to improve your company’s results on search engines with SEO and / or paid advertising (PPC / pay-per-click), respectively. By combining efforts, we create a harmonious and consistent strategy, controlling all areas of your presence on major search engines.
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Online Campaigns on Search Engines

Online Campaigns on Search EnginesAt heptagono.com we help entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME’s to achieve their marketing goals through online campaigns on search engines. By generating specific content for studied campaigns, designing and improving the pages that form part of the online campaign and with detailed analysis, we achieve excellent results.
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Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingAfter an adequate definition of objectives, with SMM (Social Media Marketing), you will increase your online community. It is not a case of being present on all social networks, but to be where you would be missed. Bring customers to your business through your social networks.
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SEO Copywriting + Copyediting

SEO Copywriting + CopyeditingDon’t fall into one of the most common mistakes in corporate web design and make sure you add valuable content to your website. If in addition to focusing on appearance, you have compelling, sales-oriented, well written content with good SEO, not only will you ensure a web style that is uniform and attractive to visitors, you also be taking your website to other users who are looking for your contents.
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Online Community Management

Online Community ManagementAt heptagono.com we have community managers who will manage your online community efficiently and help you with whatever you need in order to manage it yourself. The more you understand your followers, the easier it will be for your community to increase its followers and improve the bond between them and your company.
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E-mail Marketing

E-mail MarketingAdvertising or sending regular information online, as well as reducing costs for your company, can be very effective if done the right way and with a high visual component. In addition to efficiently managing your databases of users, it is important to capture the reader’s attention with stunning designs that differ from other e-mails.
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