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Mobile WebThe Internet is increasingly accessed from mobile devices and with the new traffic data rates available on the market, online visitors from tablets and smartphones are on the up. We must also consider that most mobile devices do not have as much capacity as a laptop or PC. Therefore, many users have problems with load speed when browsing the web.

If your blog or website is not optimized for mobile devices, you may lose visitors who do not want or do not have enough traffic data to allow them to wait for your site to load.

If incoming traffic to your website is mainly from mobile devices and as their needs and the way they navigate are very different from a standard Internet visitor, at we propose the development of a small website exclusively for with:

  • Optimized Mobile Design: Enjoy optimized design with fewer elements and thereby avoid your visitors having to scroll vertically for long.
  • Lower Load Speed: Optimized images and everything designed to ensure no unnecessary delay in loading times.
  • Visual impact: An analysis of those elements can have the greatest impact for your visitor. Published studies show that navigation times on a mobile device are much lower than when you access the Internet from a personal computer

At we offer personalized mobile websites, well designed and with less content, only relevant for the typical mobile user.

Also available in : Spanish, Portuguese

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