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Applications for mobiles (Iphone and Android)

  • Do you want to have your own application for iPhone or Android?
  • Need to make a change in your Iphone or Android application?

At heptagono.com we develop mobile applications and we take care of implementing improvements and maintenance..

Upon receipt of your requirements, our team analyzes what features and functions should be included in the initial development and what could be included in future versions. We build mock-ups in line with the corporate image, philosophy and visual appearance indicated, whereby you can check colours, layout, graphic design, etc.

Subsequently, we modify the design by making the changes you request with the objective of ensuring we build the projects and make them available to you as soon as possible and then gradually adapt them based on feedback and comments from users.


As mobile platforms rapidly evolve, you often need to adapt applications when a new version is launched. We also undertake the maintenance of applications that require periodic maintenance of databases, feeds, links or contents.

At heptagono.com:

  • We are creative: Only innovative and creative applications can compete with most widely used applications.
  • We are competitive in our quotations: requiring highly skilled professionals does not mean we have to inflate customer budgets. Our estimates vary depending on what is requested for the application. Our commitment is clear.
  • We create applications with intuitive design and easy navigation for users.
  • We meet deadlines:We analyze the workload involved in each project in such a way that there is no margin for delays in delivery times.

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