Minisites DevelopingA Minisite is a small website which serves to emphasize a product of service within your company.

At we believe that a minisite provides entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME’s with the following advantages:

  • Provide more information about a product or service on a different domain, without distracting attention from your main website. For example, if you have an engineering company and have discovered an algorithm to optimize a calculation and want to sell it as software, you can create a mini-site to discuss it in detail. Visitors to your engineering website will therefore not receive the impression that you are principally dedicated to the creation of software.
  • It improves your search engine exposure, increasing the number of visitors attracted to said product or service. Attention is focussed, more websites link in, and therefore visitors have more points of access to the information.
  • A space to experiment and innovate: with the information not being on your main website, you can try more risky designs, fun designs or designs that you think best suit your customers. In the event of lack of success, it will not impact the usual image of your company. And if successful, you can incorporate the changes gradually to your website with the assurance that they will be well accepted.

Also available in : Spanish, Portuguese

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