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CD ROM, DVD and Interactive Blu-ray

CD ROM, DVD and Interactive Blu-ray

  • Do you need a CD, DVD or Blu-ray that displays your products for handing out at client meetings?
  • Have you made a promotional video and want to make copies of it?
  • Want to contact a company that can handle the design, production and recording of DVD’s, CD’s or Blu-ray?

A DVD, Blu-ray or CD ROM enables you to target customers with less technical knowledge. Today, there are many single-use devices which can display content with little computer knowledge.

At heptagono.com we offer this service, so you can have DVD or Blu-ray discs with interactive menus, video, audio, powerful images, documents, agreements, etc.

We integrate all the material you provide, performing everything from authoring to design, in either standard or panoramic format for correct viewing on TV’s with this format.

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Also available in : Spanish, Portuguese

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