Corporate Image

Corporate Image

Personalise your image. Set yourself apart from your competitors.

The market is changing daily: new products and services appear, trends change, a new fashion suddenly emerges… Offering lower prices is no longer enough, as undoubtedly there will be someone to improve upon such a price. Neither does being the best guarantee more sales…

And to evaluate those points, they seek information prior to deciding whether to buy. They analyze the company’s website, taking into account its image and the quality conveyed by the website, they read forums, blogs, check tweets and comments on Facebook about your company from their friends, acquaintances or strangers who provide their opinions on product and/or services.

And then they compare it with what other companies are offering them. In other words, as well as conveying what your Company is and what it offers, your company’s image must also have class, power and impact in order to create a good experience and help the client decide to contract you.

What does the corporate image of a Company encompass?

From the name, the logo, the communications, visual appearance, etc. For any company its corporate image is essential in order to communicate clearly and accurately what the company is and what it seeks to achieve. A powerful corporate image conveys responsibility, trust and innovation. On the contrary, an unimpressive and careless corporate image may create disinterest in the client or a disconnect between products and company.

At we have professional designers who manage to connect a number of dots:

  • Consistency: Your corporate image must be consistent with the positioning of your products. It must be in line with what your company offers and the benefits it brings to its clients.
  • Credibility: Your clients must perceive that you will actually do what you propose. For example, if your company has a significant commitment to the environment, this must remain visible to your clients.
  • Effectiveness: For example, a company name that is easy to remember, with positive connotations, etc.
  • Different: If your image in unique and personal, you will set yourself apart from your competitors.
Your corporate image must be what you seek to convey to your target audience. If it reflects the personality of your company and can help you with your sales… why not do it well and in an impressive manner?


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