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7X7 Ways to Boost Your Business

We give you 7×7 specific ideas for Boosting Your Business. They are based on our 7 categories of Integral Services and our 7 types of Personalised Training Solutions. All of them in line with Our Commitment, guarantee of responsibility and dedication to what we do.

Our specialisation in entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME’s, SME’s enables us to personalise our response to your needs, offering you resource integration and excellence services, thereby BOOSTING YOUR BUSINESS.

You know what you need and we know how to help you achieve it.


1Set yourself apart from your competitors. Make sure you have powerful web design for your company’s website. More Info

2Change to a hosting service that provides you with the best service for the same or less money. More Info

3Don’t waste time with monthly maintenance premiums. Ad hoc maintenance only when you need it. More Info

4Improve communications with your clients and visitors through a blog. More Info

5Change your website easily, at any time and from any location. More Info

6Improve the availability of your products with an online shop. More Info

7Enjoy more options with your hosting for the same or less money. More Info

8Find out the areas that require improvement on your company’s website. FREE Web Analysis. More Info

9Improve your website with a user’s test in order to adapt it to what users need and how they navigate your website. More Info

10Audit your website in depth to detect strong points and areas to improve. More Info

11Make use of information about your sector and your online competitors in order to be more competitive online. More Info

12Analyze your online campaigns in depth in order to optimise them. More Info

13Find out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in order to boost the good and improve the rest. More Info

14Find out how your target audience interacts with your website, to thereby adapt it to their needs. More Info

15Climb places on search engines. Position your Website better on search engines. More Info

16Reduce load times to improve visitor experience. More Info

17Analyze the contents of greatest interest to your visitors. More Info

18Optimise your statistics on Google Analytics to ensure the availability of the most relevant information. More Info

19Adapt your company’s website for ALL visitors. More Info

20Boost the image of your company on Facebook and Twitter, adapting it to your corporate image. More Info

21Optimise the image of your blog with free widgets and plugins. More Info

22Define a marketing strategy to reach your target audience. More Info

23Establish whether it is better for your company to invest in online advertising or in SEO contents. More Info

24Undertake a search engine campaign to promote your products and services and increase sales. More Info

25Promote yourself on social networks to increase your online community. More Info

26Make use of personalised and optimized texts, created exclusively for your website. More Info

27Activate your online community with our community managers. More Info

28Create an impact with the visual appearance of your e-mail campaigns. More Info

29Boost your Company with a personalised corporate image, in line with your company and what it offers. More Info

30Turn your company’s image around with a good personalised logo. More Info

31Personalise your regular communications in order to create an impact amongst your audience. More Info

32Do not pass unnoticed. Mark the difference with a well-designed, quality business card. More Info

33Display your products and services in quality catalogues and brochures, in line with the image of your company. More Info

34Personalise your stand to increase visitor numbers at a trade fair or event. More Info

35Display your company, products and services in a visual manner in order to get closer to your visitors. More Info

36Make use of personalised banners for your online advertising. More Info

37Exhibit the contents with greater clarity and impact with a good multimedia presentation. More Info

38With good photographs, your products will be more attractive to your clients. More Info

39Increase training in your company with personalised online training. More Info

40Create an application for mobiles that will impact your visitors and create brand image. More Info

41Adapt your website for all devices and don’t lose visitors through visualisation problems. More Info

42Enjoy a unique design for all devices, minimizing costs and displaying a unique image. More Info

43Strengthen your work team with training focused on your needs. More Info

44Improve your technical capabilities in Office (Excel, Access, Word…) with quality courses. More Info

45Learn how to work with Web Design tools and change your website yourself. More Info

46Automate IT processes within your Company with exclusive Professional Efficiency courses for your team. More Info

47Improve your digital video recording, editing and production skills in order to optimise your contents. More Info

48Lose your fear of the Internet and with one simple course benefit from everything that new technologies bring. More Info

49Train with a quality Facebook and social networks course in order to manage your online community. More Info

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